Trunk or Treat Time

It’s time again for our 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat Event!

Let your kids have a practice run at trick or treating out of the trunks of our patrol cars. Orem PD, Orem Fire, Utah County Sheriffs Office, Lindon PD and the Utah Highway Patrol will all have Officers, Firemen, Deputies and Troopers there!

We will have prizes, a horse drawn carriage, some of the mascots from around the State will be there, the first 500 kids will get a treat or treat bag and or course we’ll have lots of candy!

The event starts at 6 PM and will go until 8 PM. Please know that we can’t allow any kids into the track until 6 PM so please line up on the South entrance to the track. You may see some kids inside before then but that’s because we have a special time set aside for two of our local schools for children with Autism to come by at 5:30 PM.

This is a great way for us to engage with your kids and we hope to see you all there!

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Daily Brief

-2 Auto Burgs

-Here’s a tip…….If you call us, we WILL respond. If you need our help unlocking your car door because you locked your keys inside, we WILL open the door for you, free of charge, with a smile on our face. If we get there and all of your buddies are hot boxing in the garage with the door halfway open, Officer Grazzini WILL confiscate your bong and you WILL get a court date.

-We are looking for a stolen black 2005 Honda Civic, UT/6GM L479.

-A business on the NW side of town was burglarized.

-Officer Kelley responded to a report of theft at Gunnies. The female suspect had taken off in a car and Provo PD helped us find her. She was arrested for theft and a warrant. The property had already been pawned but we are in the process of getting it back.

-A home near 600 N. 800 W. was burglarized. The suspects climbed in through a window, ransacked the place, used some drugs and stole some property.

-We are looking for a stolen blue 2008 Toyota Corolla, UT/E50 0ND.

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Daily Brief

-6 Auto Burgs

-3 Warrant Arrests

-Cpl Vance stopped a car because the driver was unable to stay in his own lane and for good reason, he was DUI.  He was arrested and taken to the pokey.

-A man ran into Old Navy, grabbed a stack of 15 jeans and ran out.  He has done this same thing at other Old Navy stores and we have some information on who he is.  So, if you see a Hispanic male walking around looking like Joey from friends give us a call.

-A business in North Orem was burglarized.  The suspects entered through an unlocked door and ransacked the place.

-A silver 2004 Pontiac Grand Am, UT/B93 7SL was stolen over the weekend.

-We received a call about two men walking around a business that was closed.  Officer Harrison checked on the men who were doing a scavenger hunt for a family reunion.  No biggie except one of the men had an arrest warrant.  Which coincidentally was on Officer Harrisons police department scavenger hunt.

-A man had his outboard boat motor stolen (This is starting to pick up so boat owner beware)!

-Officer Norris found two people, passed out in a idling car.  The driver was arrested after Norris found out how impaired she was.  She was arrested and taken to the pokey.

-Officer Winder stopped a car for an equipment problem.  He had K-9 Rusty check the car out.  He found some Meth, paraphernalia and pills inside.  The female passenger was arrested and her way to jail she told Winder about some more drugs she had hidden in her bra.

-Officer Nye recovered a stolen Honda Civic near 300 S. 100 W.

-A man wallet was stolen from the Orem Rec Center.  The victims cards have been used and detectives are following up on leads.

-A home near, 1700 N. 400 W. was burglarized.

-Officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in the area of 600 N. 900 W.  Officer Haymand and his partner Rusty happened to be one of the officers responding and Rusty sniffed out the drivers distribution amounts of Meth.  He went to the pokey.

We responded to a report of a family fight at an apartment.  When we got there, we found out it was something totally different.  A juvenile forced his way into an apartment where two women were at.  They started yelling and screaming at him to leave.  He pushed his way back out and took off running.  He ran onto State Street when he was hit by a car.  After he was hit, he got up and took off all of his clothes.  We found him completely naked in the street.  Turns out that he had recently taken some Acid.  He was taken to a local hospital and then to Slate Canyon on Burglary, Assault and Intox charges.

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Daily Brief

-We are looking for a silver Honda Accord, UT/461 UXU that was stolen last night.

-A package was stolen from the front porch of a home near, 1000 S. Orem Blvd.

-Two men and a woman were seen at Hobby Lobby trying to steal some things. When employees approached them, the three took off running. Officer Hutchings was able to find the female suspect and we found the stolen property hidden at a nearby Church. The female was arrested and taken to the pokey for a whole slew of charges: Retail Theft, Fail to Stop for Police, Poss. of Paraphernalia, False Info., Poss. of a Stolen Credit Card X3 and Evidence Tampering.

-We responded to a report of a long-boarder V car. on 1000 N. Marrott Dr. Turned out that a car was traveling down the road and the long-boarder mad a quick turn and hit the back passenger side of the car. He was taken to a local hospital.

-Officer Larsen stopped a car and one of the passengers lied about his identity to try and hide the fact that he had several felony warrants. His lie was found out and he was arrested. #doesthateverwork

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Daily Brief

-6 Auto Burg’s

-Two woman were stopped and cited after being caught shoplifting at Walmart.

-Officer Locke stopped a car for not having insurance. One of our K-9’s sniffed out he drivers Meth. Due to priors, he was taken to County.

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Daily Brief

-3 Warrant Arrests

-We are investigating an employee that has been stealing money from the business.

-A man hit a parked car and left. He didn’t go to far before he parked again and we tracked him down. He was given a citation.

-Officer Hawes stopped a man who had some Heroin and Paraphernalia in his possession.

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Daily Brief

-5 Warrant Arrests

-A woman received a call, claiming to be from Rocky Mountain Power. The caller told her, she owed $1,500 or her power would be shut off. She sent the money via money gram. When she got another call, she realized that she had been duped.

-A stolen Chevy truck was recovered near the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course.

-Another stolen car was found on South State Street.

-A woman had her credit card stolen and used at Walmart. We area in the process of getting to video surveillance.

-Officer Chavez stopped a man for stopping in the intersection. When he talked to the driver, he could smell weed. The driver failed to field tests and was arrested for DUI, Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia.

-The suspect that eluded us in a foot pursuit last week was found in a home in North Orem. He was wanted on several charges and several warrants.

-We had a report of a hit and run near, 200 N. 700 W. The suspect was found a short distance away, passed out. He was arrested for DUI and Leaving the Scene of an Accident.

-We had an accident near the mouth of the canyon on 800 N. A woman that witnessed the accident got out to help and was hit by a car on 800 N. She was taken to a local hospital in bad shape but she is now expected to recover.

-A man was seen shoplifting from Ridleys and took off on foot. We checked and we were able to ID the man. He was found and cited.

-Officer Story stopped a man for failing to stay in his own lane. The driver was arrested for DUI.

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Daily Brief

Daily Brief

-Officer Grazzini stopped to talk to a man who was plugged into an outlet at a Church and was watching a movie. The man had several warrants and a loaded syringe. He was taken to the pokey.

-A man was caught shoplifting at Ridley’s and took off running. Store employees were able to catch him and he was cited.

-One of our detectives was following up on a case and saw the suspect pull up. When he went to talk to him, the man took off running. He was able to get away but not before we were able to ID him.

-Officer Harrison stopped to talk to some suspicious folks sitting in a car at 2AM. When he talked to them, he could smell weed and after searching the car and occupants he found……..One man was arrested for Weed, Heroin and a warrant. One woman was found with Weed, Meth and Paraphernalia and another woman was found with Heroin and Paraphernalia. Best 3fer we’ve had in a while! Our cages in our cars don’t hold that many people.


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We have gotten several questions about an incident circulating online about a man walking around with an “assault rifle”. There are some parts to this that are true and some that are not.

We did have a call yesterday about a man that had left the home of the reporting party, upset and carrying a rifle, that was it. We didn’t get any calls from people outside of the home about the man. This was all one side of the story since we never spoke with the other party involved.

We checked the area to make sure he wasn’t headed somewhere with bad intentions but that was it. He didn’t commit any crime and there was no need to use a lot or resources trying to find him.

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Daily Brief

-A business near 1200 S. 1600 W. was burglarized. We are in the process of viewing video surveillance that captured pictures of the suspect.

-Sgt. McCombs stopped to talk to a panhandler after he was seen walking out into traffic to collect money. When McCombs got the mans information, the man took off running. He was eventually caught and went to jail, tired, for his three no-bail warrants.

-A 15 yo boy reported that someone tried to break into his home while he was there. The boy grabbed his samurai sword and cut the suspects arm as he came into the home. Good story but that’s all it was, a story made up by the 15 year old.

-A 2010 Honda Fit was stolen up the Canyon while the owner was out for a run. We found the victims iPhone near Strawberry and Deputies from Uintah County found the car and arrested two suspects.

-Cpl. Savage stopped and car and found Heroin inside. A man and woman were taken to jail for charges. In the jail, deputies found some syringes hidden in a place not meant to store syringes.

-Officer Goulding stopped and car and smelled weed. The juvenile driver and passenger were referred for charges.

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